We have Umpires that
are Certified in      
Illinois High School
Amateur Softball
Umpires Protective
Association Of Chicago
UPAC has over 150
Umpires Protective Association of Chicago Started in 1918
This is the 1st organization founded for Umpires in the Chicagoland
area. The UPAC is a Non-Profit organization.
What we do?
We have Umpires for every level of baseball and softball.  We take
pride in our work to keep the integrity of baseball fair and fun for
everyone.  We have year round  clinics  to provide qualified Umpires
for our leagues around the Chicago area and northern suburbs.
About our Membership
Services Offered
Our group of Umpires works at every level of baseball.
  • High School Baseball and Softball
  • Travel baseball and Softball
  • Little League
  • Adult Softball from 12 to 16 inch
  • All types of Baseball and Softball tournaments
UPAC- Umpires Protective Association of Chicago
  • We wrote the original 16 inch softball rules book
  • We send Umpires to Cooperstown annually to work in tournaments.
  • Umpires who have officiated every type baseball imaginable from the Major
    League level to T/ball.
  • Nearly a Century of Umpire Services in Chicago. (We must be doing something
About the UPAC
If you are a UPAC member and like to
add some information on an upcoming
event or a photo.
Email: Ed Solger
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